Representative Publications

This page contains some recent publications and preprints from members of the Statistics Group.  These publications and preprints are representative of the diverse research interests of members of the Statistics Group, as well as their collaborations with faculty and students inside and outside UNC.  To see more about what Statistics Group faculty are doing, please visit their individual web pages.

BET on Independence, Zhang, K. Journal of the American Statistical Association, to appear. Link

A testing based extraction algorithm for identifying significant communities in networks, J.D. Wilson, S. Wang, P.J. Mucha, S. Bhamidi, and A.B. Nobel, the Annals of Applied Statistics, vol.8, pp.1853-1891, 2014.

Energy landscape for large average submatrix detection problems in Gaussian random matrices, S. Bhamidi, P.S. Dey and A.B. Nobel.  Submitted.

Change point detection in network models: Preferential attachment and long range dependence, S. Bhamidi, J. Jin, and A.B. Nobel.  Submitted.

An empirical Bayes approach for multiple tissue eQTL analysis, G. Li, A.A. Shabalin, I. Rusyn, F.A. Wright, and A.B. Nobel.  Submitted.

A testing-based approach to the discovery of differentially correlated variable sets, K. Bodwin, K. Zhang, and A.B. Nobel.  Submitted.

Empirical risk minimization and complexity of dynamical models, K. McGoff and A.B. Nobel.  Submitted.

Spherical Cap Packing Asymptotics and Rank-Extreme Detection, Zhang, K.. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 63(7), 4572-4584, 2017. Link 

Analysis of principal nested spheres, S. Jung, I. L. Dryden, and J. S.  Marron, J. S.  Biometrika, vol. 99, pp. 551-568, 2012.

Overview of object oriented data analysis, J. S. Marron and A. M. Alonso  Biometrical Journal, vol. 56, pp. 732-753, 2014.

The statistics and mathematics of high dimension low sample size asymptotics, D. Shen, H. Shen, H., Zhu and J. S. Marron Statistica Sinica, vol. 26, pp. 1747, 2016.

Big Data in context and robustness against heterogeneity, J. S. Marron Econometrics and Statistics, 2016.Link

Valid Post-Selection Inference, Berk, R., Brown, L. D., Buja, A., Zhang, K. and Zhao, L.  The Annals of Statistics, 41(2), 802-837, 2013. Link